Hello World!

*blinks as she adjust to the light*

[in case you didn’t know… this gif gets double points because it’s actually from “Blink”]

*clears throat*

*decides it’s time to stop speaking in asterisks*

Might I repeat the title of this blog post: “Hello world!!!” My name is Gracie, in case you were wondering… not that it matters… my name, I mean. You can call me Zona, Belle, or anything else and you are more than welcome to use the prefix “princess” at any time when referring to me (:  I’m a fangirl. I’m a Christian. I’m considerably strange (in my own opinion). Good? Good. Now let’s get started.

First: Why “Peculiar Treasures?” Well, in my favorite book series at the moment,  The Christy Miller Collection by Robin Jones Gunn, the main character, Christy, and her best friend Katie, call themselves “Peculiar Treasures.” I decided it would be a good name for my blog, 1) because I love those books, 2) because I am a peculiar treasure, and 3) because there is a considerable number of things that I will be writing about that are best described as such. 

Second: As I mentioned before, I am a fangirl, therefore, I will be writing about fandoms. I hope you’re okay with this. I will be writing about other things too, but… If you’re not okay with this, you are excused… from this webpage… NOW. Are you gone yet? Okay… let’s continue.

Third: My favorite shows are Sherlock,  Psych, Doctor Who, Phineas and Ferb, and Gravity Falls. Anybody else ready to leave? Any takers? Last chance… alright, great.

Fourth: This gif is great:   



Thanks for enduring this entire post… I promise the one following it will have an actual purpose (:


–Princess Belle


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