Procrastinating on Sleep

Hey guys.

Remember sleep? That thing that some people get at night?

Yeah, I remember those days when I got 8, 9, even 10 hours per night. That was nice. But then I started high school, and said “so long” to those lovely Z’s

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There’s a chance that at least a few of you out there are in the same boat… at least I hope so… hrm…

Anyhow… as I sit here, fighting off a cold, blogging at midnight on a school night about my lack of sleep, it seems a bit oxymoron. I suppose it’s partially the procrastinator in me.


Come on now, can anybody relate to me here? A good example of my lovely skills in procrastination would be none other than today. I delayed in waking up until around 7:30, and I was supposed to start school at 8 (I’m homeschooled, by the way… more on that in a later post). I then proceeded to make my way out to the living room couch and fall asleep there. I woke up peacefully to my dog breathing in my face. So I went back into my room and fell asleep on my bed. Then I finally roused myself around 8:35 and got dressed. I didn’t put on any makeup (that can wait until later…) and then went with my sister to Bible study. We didn’t arrive back at our abode until after 12:00 so then I had to do some important things like, you know, eating. Then I sat down at the computer and clicked back and forth from my email, to my blog, to my email, to my blog, to pinterest… to email…to blog… to pinterest……to blog…… pinter……… *ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzSNORT* HUH? Oh…. wow… that’s embarrassing…. ummm….. where was I? Oh, yes procrastinating on the computer. So overall, the most productive thing I did today was go for a run (don’t bother getting impressed, I’m lucky if this happens once a week [exercise is another thing I have yet to get caught up on]) and get some reading done in Great Expectations during Driver’s Ed. And here I am now, thinking about sleep… procrastinating on getting any.

However– it’s never too late to reform. So I challenge you to get 10 hours one night this week. I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! And yes, I will be doing it too. Bonus points if you can get in more than 10 hours or if you do it more than one night. Either way, I would like updates by next Wednesday. I will be posting my own at this time. TAKE THE SLEEP CHALLENGE. I promise, your body will love you for it. It might even do a happy jig.


Go for it. Treat yourself to a good night’s sleep. You know why? Because you’re worth it.

I found a bunch of Psych gifs!



2 responses

  1. I like the challenge! Some tips my doctor shared about good sleeping habits were 1) turn of electronics at 9 so your brain can start releasing sleeping chemicals, 2) if you bring milk to a boil it breaks down proteins in it that help you sleep (add a bag of chamomile tea and let in set for 15 and it’s even better), 3) go to sleep and wake up the same time each day and 4) the optimal amount of hours to sleep it 9 (over that and you’ll wake up more drowsy). Now about me reading this blog to procrastinate going to sleep…

    Sweet Dreams,

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