Feeling Klutzy

You know that moment… that moment when you’re on your way upstairs, and you fall nearly flat on your face on the stairs, brutally wounding your forearms, right shin, and both big toes, and then, within 10 seconds, you try to close the bathroom door with your foot and it slips and you stub your toe on the doorstop? Not speaking from my recent experiences of course… *ahem* but you know that moment?

Yeah…. #klutz



Please comment and tell me about your recent klutzy moments (:



5 responses

  1. There was that time when I turned to look at “something” and nearly tumbled down a hill…but that’s pretty standard. When I think of a spectacular one I’ll letchya know 🙂

      • Ooohyess (; And then there’s those times when you’re running on the track and are getting tired so you decide that it’s a good idea to rest your eyes… while you’re running… and you end up running into a post and receiving a cut on your forehead… those times are great… ;P

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