Shout-Out to Mommy (:

I’d like to set a moment aside, friends to tell y’all how awesome my mommy is. No, it’s not her birthday.

So… this morning, I awoke around 7 o’clock so I could be productive. I brushed my teeth, ate my cereal, and read my book a little bit, but I started feeling super tired. I had been feeling tired basically all the time for several days, simply from lack of sleep, and I finally decided it was time to go take a nap (#homeschoolperks) . This was around 8:30. So I tucked myself back in, and slept for about an hour, and awoke just before my mom came in. I was still tired, but I was thinking about coming out, just so I wouldn’t get in trouble for sleeping during school time. When my mom came in, I thought I was defeated… that the punishment was coming… but instead she comes over to my bed, like an angel fairy of love, and puts her hand on my head. “Are you tired?” she asks. “Yeah,” I reply, “I think the lack of sleep is finally catching up to me.” “Yeah? Okay.” Now, understand this isn’t how the conversation went word-for-word, but you get the gist. And understand this as well: she could have grounded me for this if she wanted to! She could’ve turned on my lights, taken off my covers and forcibly dragged me out of bed… but she didn’t! She just leaves. Doesn’t turn on my light, doesn’t even nicely say, “Okay, well, you should probably get up and start your schoolwork.” She just turns around, and closes the door behind her, giving me full permission to nap as long as my little heart desires. So I slept until 10:30, has some lovely dreams, and got up and did school.

The moral of this story is simply this: My mom is FABULOUS. LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!! ❤



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