Review: Day of the Doctor

Wow, you guys. Just… wow. If you haven’t seen “Day of the Doctor” yet, GO! It was MIRACULOUS. Before you move on, though, I would ask that you not read this blog post until you’ve seen this lovelyness for yourself and developed your own opinion… I think you will be better served this way. Also, there are some little spoilers tucked away in here so…

Now… here was my experience with it:

First: SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D Second: So I got all decked out in my 11th Doctor cosplay:

IMG_0256 IMG_0264


and went into the theatre with these HUGELY high expectations and I was frankly a little worried that they were too high. They weren’t. The moment I stepped into that theatre and saw that sea of bowties and fezzes and scarves and sonic screwdrivers, I knew… this was going to be fabulous. Also:

 Possibly my favorite moment of my entire experience was when Emory walked in, and I soniced her (with the screwdriver that I borrowed from a lovely friend, nicknamed “Wendy”) and she soniced me back, and it set into motion a chorus of sonic screwdrivers going off in all corners of the theatre. It was everything I wanted it to be and expected it to be AND MORE.

 Now on to the film:

There was this moment:

And of course this one:

And this one:

And this perfection:

Oh, find a gif that describes this hour-and-a-half miracle in about 1 second, you say? Well, if you insist (:


And these were my exact thoughts when this happened:

The Day of the Doctor.

And quite possibly my favorite part was (SPOILER ALERT!!! MAJOR MAJOR SPOILER THAT GIVES AWAY THE ENTIRE PLOT OF THE SHOW!!!!) that moment, when they all had that brilliant idea to save Gallifrey and David Tennant ran around and jumped up and just smacked the TARDIS. It was a perfect moment.


 Have you seen this lovely 50th Anniversary shindig? What did you think of it? Please let me know (:

Happy fangirling!

–Princess Gracie

Post Script: HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY DOCTOR WHO!!! 😀






2 responses

  1. So glad to lend to your epicness ^_^ Whovians are lovely, aren’t they? Also everything. Everything was so amazing. Like a train wreck, but in a positive way. If that’s possible. Also David Tennant. Also Matt Smith. I can’t sum up enough in this comment. You get it 🙂

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