In case you all weren’t aware… the trailer for The Time of the Doctor just came out. I watched it. [Disclaimer]: Yes, the trailer is only 36 seconds… but do not be fooled by it’s innocent appearance. That is 36 seconds of PURE FEELS. This trailer has the crying power of an entire season.

harry styles crying gif | Tumblr

(19) http-__xbluebowsx.tumblr.com_

Now go! If you dare…

Have you watched it? Good. Let’s talk.


I don’t actually have anything to say about this emotionally charged 36 seconds, except this:


I. Can’t. Do. It. I physically don’t think I can see my dear 11th Doctor go! He was my first doctor… he was the one who got me hooked. And now I have to let him go. It’s going to be a difficult process.





Now… when I say “it’s going to be a difficult process” you can probably tell that, yes, I’m still going to watch the Christmas special… it is my duty (and I am a slave of duty).

So… who wants to brave the feels with me?




2 responses

  1. Congratulations. This post made me want to sing from Pirates of Penzance. You little slave of duty, you. But additionally, I KNOW WAY TOO MANY EMOTIONS IN THAT TRAILER
    I fear for my feelings.

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