On Mourning Fictional Characters

On Friday night, I watched “The Angels Take Manhattan.” For those of you who haven’t seen it… Leave. Leave now and don’t come back until you’ve seen it. If you stay, I sincerely hope you are planning on getting this entire episode spoiled for you, or not planning on watching it at all. Now. Let’s get down to business [I know you’re inserting that whole “defeat the Huns” bit here on your own… you don’t need my help].

For those of you who have seen it, you know my pain. You understand me. Let’s cry together.

I had so much emotional turmoil with this episode. Amy and Rory are, by far, my favorite companions, so I knew this would be difficult… I just didn’t how difficult. What I didn’t know was exactly how ashamed I would be of my behavior after watching it.

I was okay. I was going to be okay. I had it under control. They jumped off the building, the tears welled up.

They lived. I was okay. Rory died. He’s going to come back to life [again] right? RIGHT?! Not okay. Not okay. Not okay.


I was holding it back… trying so hard to hold it back…

The tears came. So fast they came. And… the afterward, readers… that was when I let go of all fear of humiliation and I started bawling. Now, I’m not talking silent, shaking, sobs, I’m talking, I think you could hear me in China. And you could hear me for a good 15 minutes. Once again, my dear sister saved the day. I collapsed on her, and she let me cry. So. Many. Tears. And then, like the idiot fangirl I am, I started thinking about Matt Smith. That didn’t help.

Still, I thought I would wake up with a fresh outlook on life, I would start watching some Clara episodes and I would move on. I was wrong. I woke up with a fresh tear in my eye, and a weight on my heart. I’m pretty darn sure my heart was breaking. I had an extraordinarily depressing day.

Now, readers, I am still mourning and grieving for my dear Amy and Rory Williams; The Ponds… but I am happily grieving. I miss them, but I know I can always go back and see them again, they’ll always be there.

So thank you Ponds. Thank you for showing me that true love is real.

Thank you Rory, for reminding me that there are real men out there. Men who will wait 2,000 years just to keep me safe.

Thank you, Amy for showing me that protecting the man I love is the most important thing in the world.




And thank you, Ponds, for showing me that true love really is something worth waiting for.


All my love to you, Amy and Rory. You will live in my heart always.





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    • I know! It hurts so much! D8 I just couldn’t handle it alone, I had to share it with you… and the rest of the cyberworld xD But seriously… and I tried watching a couple of fanvids too… ooohhh man.

      • It made my heart heavy to read this it has been almost a year since I watched this episode and was only able to watch it once as it make me so heartbreakingly depressed. Yes I too love Clara but still there is a hole that Amy and Rory left that can never be repaired they just had that something that only comes along once in a lifetime a love story that surpasses all time and boundaries. So beautiful, they too inspire all my love stories I write that scene when they jump wow!!! What a testament to how much they meant to each other and how they would really do anything for one another. I miss Amy and Rory as much as you.

        • Thank you for understanding!!! I know… I don’t know when I’ll be able to watch it again. And I feel the same way about Clara (: I love her so much, but oh, no one compares to the Ponds ❤

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