Sunrise Bubbles and Icelandic Music

My sister graduated yesterday. My best friend of fifteen years will be leaving for an acting job all summer, and then going to college in the autumn, so I’ll miss her… but she’s living her dream, and I’m pretty okay with that.

After graduation, I went to an all-nighter for the graduates. I stayed up all night… with exceptions of slumber during How to Train Your Dragon and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Still, there are some moments, when you think you can never stop thinking about how much you’ll miss a person, when that person, and four other people who really love life, will blow bubbles with you in the sunrise at 5 am while listening to Icelandic music and they’ll just help you forget the world. I love how I know a person who will literally make the suggestion to blow bubbles and listen to Icelandic music, and I know four other people (plus myself) who will leap at the idea.

But then… moments are a little like those bubbles. They’re beautiful, comforting, and you always think that they’ll last a lot longer they do… but then they pop. And the moment’s gone. You don’t really know what became of those two sisters, one blonde, one brunette, who still won’t give up the chance to run in the sprinkler with normal clothes on. They grew up. Whoa.

I’m awfully blessed, you know? I’m learning to really, genuinely count my blessings. So, like a bush acting as bubble life-support, I can make moments like sunrise bubbles and Icelandic music last a little longer.

There are just some moments when you’re spending time with people who really love life, and you can’t help but letĀ  it rub off on you. Can I be like that? Can I be a person who just shines love and life and bubbly magic? I hope I can be that one day.

Still… no matter who I am now, and no matter who I will become as I, too, grow up and leave, I will always love a sunrise, I will always love bubbles, and I will always, always, drop everything just to listen to a little Icelandic music.

Thank you my friends for bringing me all kinds of happy within my sad, and my Beautiful, Smart, Witty, Talented, INCREDIBLE big sister for making me love life as much as I can, even when I don’t want to.

You are my light.

You are my life.

I love you, Doll ā¤

All my love…………… Toitle


8 responses

  1. Bubbles are magical. The last time I blew some were in a parking lot in the wind. It was so much fun. Then we drank coffee and kombucha like grown-up hipsters. I totally live the best of both worlds.

    What Icelandic music were you listening to?

    • Bubbles are WONDEROUS (: I’ve blown them in the parking lot in the wind too!!! It’s lovely. But I’ve never had kombucha… but whatever šŸ˜›
      I actually have no idea what we were listening to… it was one part some random Icelandic music and other part random wonderful other music šŸ˜€

      • I just listened to the song, and it was almost as good as the music video that accompanied it! Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. We’ll have to weather this next season together, you and I. I am so glad that you have such good friends who can make you laugh when you’re sad and who can even sit down next to you and cry with you sometimes. I love you……….Mommy

  3. This is such a wonderful piece! Your relationship with your sister makes me so happy. Love you guys. You were the very best people to share that [very early] morning with. Thanks for putting it so beautifully.

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