No Fault in Our Stars

I went to my first movie premier today. I went to see The Fault in Our Stars.

I almost feel like I shouldn’t write a review on it… simply because I feel like anything I could possibly write wouldn’t be worthy of it. But I think I need to. If for no other reason but to recover from my emotionally decapitated state.

As per usual, please don’t read on unless you have read the book and/or seen the movie. Thank you.


As I stated before, I feel like anything I might try to say wouldn’t do this movie (or the book) justice… so I think I’ll just say what Hazel Grace would say… or at least do my best.

There are some movies that you watch and you just feel like you wasted two hours of your life. There are others that you immediately want to watch all over again. Then… then there are movies like the one I just saw. Movies that effect you in such a deep way that you can barely move from your seat afterwards. Movies that you, deep down, want to see again, but you can’t even move yourself to think about that. I feel so emotionally wrung out. I don’t feel like talking or moving or even breathing… but I’m not depressed. I feel emptied, and yet completely full. Like someone just gave me a gift that I can’t even comprehend. I feel like I didn’t cry enough, but that was only because I was so wrapped up in all the emotion I couldn’t. My body was trying to cry just to get some emotion out, I was even shaking with s0bs, but I couldn’t get any tears out.

From the meeting near the literal heart of Jesus

to the staring scene in the literal heart of Jesus

to the “Okay? Okay.” scene

to the Funky Bones scene

to the Oranjee scene

to the Van Houten scene

to the Night of the Venn Diagram

to the egg scene

to the gas station scene

to the pre-funeral scene

right up to the very last “Okay”

scene by scene it tore me to pieces in the best possible way.

They included everything they possibly could, but never too much.

The acting was utter perfection.

Thank you John Green for writing that wonderful piece of art. Thank you Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort for portraying so flawlessly those beautiful lovers. Thank you to the director, producer and everyone else. Thank you my theatre for whispering during the commercials, crying when you needed to, laughing when you wanted to, and being completely silent when nothing was necessary.

You all taught me to cry when it’s okay. You made me fall in love with Augustus Waters. You made me love love. You taught me to be thankful for moments. Because not everybody has as many moments as they wish for. The world is not a wish-granting factory.

I am, as I said before, emotionally decapitated, and I couldn’t be more content.






3 responses

  1. “You taught me to be thankful for moments.” Yesyesyes.

    Lovely review (about an incredibly wonderful amazing bananas movie).

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