An Ode to Black Maxi Skirts

I bought my first maxi skirt the other day… well… actually a lovely friend bought it for me… but the point is, I adore it. So I think I’ll write a tribute to it.

Here is what I love about my black maxi skirt:

1- It’s the most versatile piece of clothing next to blue jeans. So this never happens:

2- It ‘s deathly comfy. Like, I usually out on dresses or skirts in the morning, and then end up at the end of the day feeling something like:

Katniss's Elevator SceneBut that don’t happen with my maxi skirt.

3- It’s machine wash and tumble dry.

4- It makes me feel like I look pretty darn elegant even thought I don’t have to feel like I’m wearing elegant clothing on me.


That’s all.

Thank you.

I saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 today. Review coming soon!

-Gracie (:


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