Review: How to Train Your Dragon

“This is Berk.”

It only took those three words for the Dreamworks marketing team to get my attention. Having been a ginormous fan of the first movie, I was so glad that they used the classic opening. And that’s just the START of this wonderfulness.

Today, as I watch Star Trek Into Darkness, I will be blogging from my comfy green chair about this amazing movie that is How to Train Your Dragon 2. As usual, proceed with caution if you are lacking in previous viewage (<—– not a word) of this movie.

Like I said, this drew me in from the first line, and then just kept a death hold on me for the entire running time. All I really have to say is that all my expectations were met plus some, and my expectations were stinking high.


Probably my favorite scene was when Stoick reunites with Valka and you think that he will yell at her or hit her or something (because somehow he has the right), but he doesn’t. Because he still loves her. And so they dance. Also, Hiccup and Astrid’s relationship was fantastic throughout, which, as my lovely friend Emory brought to my attention, never happens in sequels. with pre-established love interests.


So… I really can’t say anything else, except… well… stubble, you guys.

So if you haven’t seen it please do… for me. Thanks guys.



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