Holo friends!!!

Fun fact: I got my wisdom teeth out! So, I thought, since firstly: I haven’t really blogged anything super interesting in a while, and secondly: I have nothing better to do except watch telly and read, I would tell you guys about it.


My first day:  My surgery was at 8:30, and I live about 5 minutes away from the surgery place, so I woke up at 8:00 to “Waiting for Superman” by Daughtry and, like any decent person, listened to the whole song before getting out of bed, my only consolation when I did get out of bed being the fact that I was going to right back to sleep in about half an hour. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, put on a sufficiently baggy MNU t-shirt with leggings, and I arrived at the oral surgery place right on time. A very nice man came to call me in. I went back into the operation room all alone (a big step for me), and the nice man sat me down in the big chair, and asked me some questions. Here’s the thing guys: I was super nervous about this surgery, but everyone there was SO nice, and it made me SO un-nervous. I firmly believe that God put these people in that room for me. So the nice man was just going on and on about when he got his wisdom teeth out and how easy it was. Then he put these sticky things on me to “monitor my heartbeat” (which sounded a little bit to me like “make sure you don’t die”) and gave me oxygen to “calm me down.” Then a nice lady came in and gave me my sleep IV and put one of those fancy finger clip things that people get in the hospitals in the movies (I can’t describe to you how legit I felt). As I lay there, calming down, the oral surgeon came in and said to me, and I quote, “In a second, you’re going to go to sleep; just go on your own personal vacation…” (way less creepy than it sounds to me typing it right now) I have to say, falling asleep was probably my favorite part of this whole process.

Now comes the recovery. Before you ask, I made a very strict no-filming policy for this whole process, so I have no “loopy” footage of the drive home. All I really remember is that the nice man, when I woke up, escorted me into a recovery room, and the oral surgeon talked at me and my mom for a while about recovery stuff (I remember nothing) and then we left. All I remember (and all Mommy’s told me) is that I was really happy and super excited about the fact that I couldn’t feel my face. I remember smiling a lot, even though it hurt like heck. At the time, couldn’t feel my cheeks, my chin, my lower lip, or my tongue AT ALL.

So then I got home and sat on my nice green comfy chair and watched, like, 10 episodes of Hannah Montana, my mommy (my WONDERFUL mommy) buying me smoothies and changing my gauze, and cleaning smoothie off my face while I tried to find my mouth with my smoothie spoon (trying to feed smoothie to my chin… really funny…), then drooled because… I was numb. After a while, my tongue started tingling, but my lip and chin were still dead.

My two lovely best friends came to visit for a short time. One bringing flowers and a card, and dressing like a monk (which really actually just means wearing a brown hoodie) because I had told her that with my ice pack head wrap, I looked like a swollen nun. My other friend arrived with talk of a balloon that her family had bought, but that her four-year-old brother had inadvertently let float away. They proceeded to then describe the balloon to me, and I really think it was fantastic. Thanks guys, it’s the thought that counts. This friend also made it her mission to persistently exploit my numb chin, touching it (I thought she was fake-touching it at first… I could feel NOTHING), then telling her little sister and aforementioned four-year-old brother to touch it too (for the record, I was legitimately okay with this). Then her sister says, “Hey, so someone could totally just come in and draw on your face and you would have no idea!” I can’t say I am legitimately okay with the evil gleam that proceeded into my best friend’s eye at this point. I will be sleeping with one eye open tonight. GOOD NEWS though, my chin is now tingly, as my tongue was before, so I am expecting full feeling my morning.

After my friends left, I spent the remainder of my evening finishing the last episodes of “New Girl,” catching up on YouTube subscriptions, changing my gauze (done with that, thank goodness), and trying to put chap stick on my lips. My chin is very well moisturized, ladies and gentlemen.

I am now getting ready to eat dinner, my choices consisting of applesauce, pudding, jell-o, or a smoothie, and my mother and I are going to watch “Miss Congeniality,” that being the movie chosen out of an assortment of rom-coms, retrieved from Blockbuster for my viewing enjoyment.

To finish, our current status is: No longer numb in the tongue, and growing less numb in the chin and lower lip, done bleeding, not really in pain, fed up with sitting alone at the computer with only Netflix and Pinterest to keep me company, and hoping for some longer-term visitors tomorrow!

Should be a fun next couple of days! UPDATES TOMORROW!




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