Wisdom Teeth //Day 2//

We have officially plowed our way through day two of Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery!!!




That was my first thought when I woke up at 7:30 am after my pain medication had worn off. Therefore, I took more medication, then went back to bed. Once it kicked in, I was able to sleep until about 10-ish and then I dragged myself out of bed. I took the opportunity (being awake) to brush my teeth for the first time in over 24 hours and also take a shower. Then I obliged myself to more Netlfix and Pinterest until my lovely friend (the one who was poking my chin yesterday) came over to keep me company. The first really bright spot in my day was when her brother (the one who let my balloon go) came in with her “just to see if I’m doing okay.”

Then my friend and I spent the remainder of the morning/early afternoon watching such shows as Dragon Tales, New Girl, and ANT Farm (good quality television right there).

After she left, I looked in the mirror and realized (to my chagrin) that there was a fair amount of swelling occurring in my right cheek. I made the decision very early in this process to not have chipmunk cheeks, so I immediately upped my diligence in constantly having an ice pack headdress (or, as my friend’s dad called it, my “jaw bra”) wrapped around my face. I can’t say that the swelling has gone down, but the pain definitely has.

Good News: Today, I was allowed to brush my teeth, swish saltwater in my mouth, and eat hot, soft foods (in addition to cold, soft foods). I was still not, however, allowed to drink out of a straw or spit.

So my diet today consisted of yogurt, pudding, pureed soup, a smoothie, and a milkshake. Very substantial.

And tonight’s romantic comedy: The Proposal… genius.


My goals for tomorrow are to make sure my face stops swelling and make sure is starts hurting less. Achievable enough? I suppose we shall see…


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