Seattle Adventure

I don’t know if you remember (I didn’t until just now), but in my Guardians of the Galaxy Review, I mentioned that I had been on a mission trip to Seattle and would be blogging about it soon. Ladies and gentlemen, soon has arrived. Let’s begin.

Our team of about 20 teens and 4 adults left for Seattle on August 3rd and arrived back on August 8th. Over the course of the trip, we helped out in the local food bank, sorted endless amounts of shoes in a confined space tailored specifically for 17 people or less, painted, weeded, chainsawed (definitely a word), just generally were very helpful. At each place we volunteered at, we received the same comment: “There just seems to be a real unity in your group.” Maybe they knew this, maybe they didn’t, but we all firmly believe that the unity they saw was unity in Christ… I group coming together for one common goal: to do God’s work. It was an amazing thing.

The working was awesome, but my favorite part of every day was the evening, because every night, after we were done working and we all had gone to the showers (the church we were staying at, sadly, didn’t have showers on the premises, so we had to drive to separate public showers), my youth pastor had hand-picked a place for us to go and worship and have devotional time. The first night we went to Gasworks Park, the second night we went to Ballard Locks, and on third day we went to Golden Gardens, on the Puget Sound, and did church on the beach. No matter where we went, though, it was just a great experience to go out into those public places and feel God so strongly. As people walked by, sometime they would just stop for a moment and watch us ascribe to the Lord glory due His name.

On the last day, we got some free time and we were able to go to a Mariner’s Game and take an afternoon at Wild Waves before we headed home, but through every moment of the trip, it was just amazing to be able to form such strong, Godly relationships with everyone on the trip. It was incredible.



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