The Morning Report: Happy Not-So-New Year!!

Once upon a time, I thought that I would sit down on January 1st, 2015, and write some kind of super inspirational post about the new year and purpose and all that jazz.  To that, I say “HA!”  So here I am, on January 10th, writing a semi-informative post about how life is going right now.  Here… we… go…


-Rehearsal! As I’ve said before in my Morning Report posts, I am going to freaking Poland, and I am SO excited!  I am proud to announce that I am, in fact, fully funded, FINALLY, which means that, well, I can actually go on this trip.  I am especially enjoying getting to know the team that’s going with me, and I’m so excited to get to perform the skits that we’re doing to God’s glory.  I’m also rehearsing for Aladdin, so I’m really loving going home every weekend with Disney songs ringing through my head.  And both of my casts are the BEST.  In fact, Aladdin is opening in a couple weeks, and I think it’s going to be a great show.

-Christmas break.  I got an extra long break this year, because my sister’s home from college, and I adore having her here.  Mainly because she’ll stay up until 5 am watching Disney-Pixar movies with me.  What can I say? She’s my best friend.


-Gilmore Girls.

This my bonding show with my dearest mother.  We’re addicted.

-Agent Carter.

Since only one episode has aired, this is all I have watched, but I love how it’s looking so far.

-Downton Abbey.

Yay, new season!!!

-Into the Woods.

I am, in fact, a massive fan of this show onstage, and let it never be thought of me that I didn’t know of it until the movie came out.  I grew up reading it’s name in playbills and never knowing what it was. I did, however, have the privilege of seeing it in Ashland, and I do think the movie did it justice.  So I’ve watched it twice.  When I’m not watching the movie, I’m either listening to the original Broadway cast recording or watching the Chris Pine/Billy Magnussen “Agony” number over and over… and over… and over…….


   -Harry Potter!!  I’m on the second book now, and I’ve seen the first movie and everything is gorgeous about it.  I’ll admit that I am very late in reading them, but I’m willing to overlook that, if you are, and enjoy them anyway.

-The Hunger Games.  I have yet to begin Catching Fire, but I really did enjoy The Hunger Games.  I specifically enjoyed getting inside Katniss’s head, the way you couldn’t in the movies.

I do think that’s all… and I can’t thank you enough for limping through this post with me.  New posts soon!


The Morning Report (January)

This is Gracie, checking in with the morning report! I plan to make this the first installment of a series of “report card” posts towards the end of each month. Just to let y’all know what’s happenin’.


Spending time in The Word– I am by no means reading my Bible or having my quiet time daily, but I am doing it on a far more regular basis than I ever have, and, believe it or not, I am seeing actual results! So this one is going great so far.

Exercising- I started out so well… I did it every other day, it was GREAT. And… now not so much. I’ll work on it.

Eating right– I’m eating better than I have in a while and really keeping track of what I’m eating. I think if I get back on top of my exercise I’ll start seeing results here too.

Keeping bedroom tidy- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahaha…heh…heh…hrm.

Reading- YES! I finished both The Marquis Secret and The Bad Beginning (the latter in a day and a half) and I am now reading Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. I am really loving this resolution! For the first time, I am enjoying delving into some really good literature and have plenty of good books on my list. I am very motivated to keep doing well on this one. On a side note, I LOVED both of the books that I finished this month! I would read both of them again for sure. You should read them.

Netflix– This is, by far, my most successful resolution. The only TV I’ve been watching is Downton Abbey with my mother and sister (we’re all addicted and are currently getting caught up to the current season [more on this later]) and Sherlock… which obviously didn’t go on for very long…


Controlling time on the internet/phone– Internet: better. Phone: Just fine and dandy.

Giving God first place in my life/loving like Jesus– I have definitely grown to understand more what it means to give God everything, and how much trust that takes. I’ve gotten better at it, and simultaneously worse. It’s getting easier, and it is definitely changing me. Overall, going pretty well.



Drinking- LEMON WATER!!! I’ve heard it’s good for you. I’ve yet to actually look up why. I like the way it tastes. I feel like I’m doing something good for myself when I drink it. I drink it out of a mason jar with a bendy straw because it makes me feel good about myself.


Downton Abbey.

This was the first show that my mother got successfully addicted to, on Season 3. I caught on at Episode 2 of Season 3 and we’ve been watching ever since. Now we are getting all the past seasons from Netflix so we can get caught up, and simultaneously watching current episodes to stay caught up… it’s a process. I have to say this is officially my current favorite show. And (SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT) it is very refreshing to see Matthew and Sybil again.

Once Upon a Time.

Show #2 that my mother has gotten hooked on, and show #1 that she has legitimately whined over when my sister and I threatened to watch a movie instead of this lovely piece of fairytale magic. We finished all the episodes on Netflix, and are trying to find season three on the internet so we can get caught up on this one as well.

Doctor Who: Season 7.

I’ve finally moved on from my emotionally scarring experience with The Angels Take Manhattan and when we have a free evening (which is rare) my sister and I will watch a Clara episode. We only have a few more and then I’ll be completely caught up and ready (slash not ready at all) for Peter Capaldi to make his smashing entrance.



To Hawaii!!! We just got back from a lovely excursion to the lovely island of Maui, and I have to say I am pretty darn proud of my tan (: It was my first time to Hawaii and it was so nice staying right on the beach and getting a week of escape from the cold (SO COLD) here in my lovely hometown.


So… that’s all I suppose. Sorry for the very scattered and probably very boring update here… I promise I will some more exciting posts in the near future.

Au Revoir……………. Gracie



How I Survived November

It’s December, everyone… do you know what this means?

Well… it means a lot of things… but one of the things it means is that we survived November!!! 😀 *cyber five*

doctor who mine sherlock supernatural victory screech

I’ve come to you today (yes, late, I suppose… but still…) to give you an update on my November.

Over the month, I saw Ender’s Game,

Thor: The Dark World,

Thor: The Dark World (2013) Poster

Day of the Doctor,

Poster Day-of-the-Doctor.jpg

Catching Fire,












and Frozen.

And I’m going to see The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug on Sunday night (more on that afterwards…). I am now much lower on Christmas funds than I was previously… but IT WAS WORTH IT!!!

What was my favorite, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. Before I delve into this pit of biases and fandom wars, I would like to say that EVERY ONE of these movies was COMPLETELY worth my time. I adored them. All of them. So much. Having said that, here they are, listed in the order of my preference:

3- Thor: The Dark World/Ender’s Game (DON’T MAKE ME DECIDE)

2- Day of the Doctor/Catching Fire (PLEASE DON’T)

1-Frozen (don’t hurt me…)

So, like I said, I LOVED all of these, but I have to say Frozen edged the others out by just the tiniest bit of Disney magic. Now, here are my favorite things about each one (in order of appearance again):

Ender’s Game: I loved the acting in this. Asa Butterfield is one of my all-time favorite actors, and his performance in this film was wonderful, as was everybody’s. Also, the plot wasn’t lacking in anything. I was never bored.

Thor: Loki. That’s all. If you’ve seen it you will understand.

Day of the Doctor: Oh, y’know, just three doctors in one show, so much amazing… no big. All of it was just straight-up fabulous.

Catching Fire: Plot development and Jennifer Lawrence, and (as my dear friend, Wendy called them) the “Trifecta of Beautiful Men.” And the ending. OHHHH THE ENDING. Such perfection. Miss Lawrence, I salute you.

Frozen: THE MUSIC. I loved everything about this… it was all so Disney magical, like I said, but the music just made it all perfect. And Olaf… he was just always there at just the right time, wasn’t he? *SIGH*


That’s all I have to say. Excuse me now, while I let my emotions take a respite… at least until Sunday (:

— Princess Belle

Post Script: I killed a spider today… I’m pretty proud.







Monday Motivation: 2nd Installment + Dismal Days

Greetings and Salutations!

As promised, I am now continuing with my “Motivational Mondays” installments to get y’all through your Monday slump… I promise, I started writing this yesterday, but it didn’t get done… so now you’ll have a super motivational Tuesday. Hopefully you all made it through the day yesterday without me ;D

Sooo…. today, our quote is *drumroooollllllllllllll*

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney

I have this one written down a couple of places, and I find it extremely motivational… plus… it’s Disney (:

Now, let’s talk about dismal Mondays. So… sometimes, there’s those dismal Mondays where nothing goes right. And then there are those dismal Mondays that are just so pleasantly dismal that you can’t help but curl up and read a book… or watch Netflix… Netflix is good too… but anyways, yesterday (Monday) was one of those days, and today has followed suit, and has also brought us rain… wasn’t that nice of today?


What is your opinion on dismal days? I enjoy taking walks in them, or reading while I observe them… because you know what they say, “If you can’t beat ’em, join em.” Make the most of that dismal day!!! 😀


UPDATES!!! (a blog post that quickly turned into a trailer breakdown)

Greetings, fellow earthlings!!! I’ve come to you today with some updating (:


Firstly, as promised, here’s my update on sleep this week: absolute FAIL. I got even less sleep than I usually do )x School is ridiculous. Hopefully y’all did better than me… let me know in the comments please!!! 


Secondly, as November (The Month of the Fandom) is quickly approaching, I thought it quite appropriate to give you my take on everything that is happening.

Let’s start with what’s particularly pressing on my mind right now: “The Day of the Doctor.” For those of you who don’t know, this is the title of the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who, in which, David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor) and Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) will have their much-anticipated reprise. I have most recently (about 10 minutes ago) seen the Trailer for this and my immediate response was, and I quote: “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE….!!!!!….”

julian smith squee face xD

I then proceeded to collapse (still squeeing) into the lap of my dear sister. I got over it after a few seconds, and breathing heavily, so as to contain my excitement, I read the breakdown of it on Emory’s blog: Freak of Fandom (subscribe to her blog… it’s fantastical) and it threw me into an even worse squeeing fit than before.  Frankly, it was quite the adventure. Needless to say, I can’t wait for November 23rd. Can’t. Wait. (watch the trailer for yourself here)

Now for the Trailer that I saw right after I watched the Trailer for “The Day of the Doctor.” This was my first mistake… watching it, I mean… at least that soon after the squeeing incident. Don’t get me wrong, now, Ladies and Gentleman; the mistake was not that it was bad, rather that it was just. So. Stinking. Good. Yes, I watched the 3rd Trailer for “Frozen.” For those of you who didn’t know what “The Day of the Doctor” is, “Frozen” is the most recent Disney animated masterpiece. Go watch the trailers: Teaser, Officialtrailerthatinvolvesaheckofalotmorethanamooseversussnowmanbattle, and the recently dubbed “trailer #3” 

Now, let’s talk. Sooooo…. we’re just going to go from “trailer #3” because it’s the freshest on my mind… and may or may not have sent me into squeetopia all over again. I was fairly intact (key word here being “fairly”) right up until they used the words “the music” and I realized. The shots. The narrator voice. The magic.




This is going to be just like old-school Disney, you guys!!! And then, AND THEN do the smart thing… let somebody else try first they dropped an original track behind it and said:


Seriously. When was the last time they used the words “experience” and “event” in a Disney trailer? This is when you know we’re getting down to business to defeat the huns.

And then this:


Yeah. I believe you. Mostly because of this major throwback to the good ol’ days when every single Disney animated feature was compared to the one most closely preceding it. Remember that? I do.


And look, they did it again… just for you.

And then this:


If you ever wanted a Thanksgiving present: here’s a heck of a one to start with.



With a logo like that, it’s got to be good. This may very well be the single most squee-worthy movie ever to come from such a month as November. (What can I say? I’m a Disney kid.)


So…. I know there are about 1,000,000,000,000……. other movies coming out next month (NEXTMONTH!!!!) (see “Catching Fire,” “Ender’s Game,” etc…) but frankly, my feels are pretty exhausted. Judging from the fact that I just saw a zombie on a Netflix envelope and thought that it was Matt Smith. No joke. So I’m gonna go give them a rest.

Wake me up when it’s November, okay?


Carpe diem,