Is Chivalry Extinct?

I have some things to say about chivalry. It’s something that used to be expected of the young men of the world, and wasn’t that nice? Wasn’t it just handy dandy when you could rely on a young man giving up his seat for you or holding a door open? Now I, personally, am not one to take advantage of my rights as a woman, but there is something to be said for a gentleman. In case you hadn’t figured it out, there is a story that I have for you about this.

Fall is upon us, and I have taken it upon myself to make the very most I possibly can of my favorite season. This means, as you might guess, pumpkin flavored everything. However, I learned yesterday that there was, sadly, a great lack of pumpkin in my household, so I also took it upon myself to drive to the store and get pumpkin. When I made this decision, my mother took it upon herself to give me our entire grocery list. I arrived safely at the store, only to find out that they had done a tremendously grand job of hiding their canned pumpkin. So well, in fact, that I found everything else on the list plus some, before I found the treasured cans of the orange vegetable. After I had acquired all of my groceries, I proceeded through the self-checkout and bagged everything in two bags. On my way out, I looked down at my bags and thought, “Hmmm, these are pretty heavy… they might break……….. NAH.” Then I said a little silent prayer that my bags would hold out at least until I got to the car. Sadly, right outside the automatic doors, both of my plastic grocery bags broke and all of their contents fell out; an applesauce bouncing a bit, the brownie mix boxes toppling out, and a can of pumpkin rolling treacherously close to the parking lot. This is where the gentleman part of my story comes in. You see, a young man walked by right after my bags broke, so I was full-on grovelling on the ground, trying to gather my groceries, while simultaneously trying to move out of the way of traffic. This guy walked around me, without giving me so much as a second glance. Exasperated, I evaluated the situation, and finally just decided that the best course of action was to gather my things in my arms as easily as possible. I had gotten almost everything… except the treasured pumpkin cans. This was when, OH GLORY, another young man came out, saw me sizing up a can of pumpkin with an armload of groceries and two broken plastic bags, and he knelt down, picked up the can, and handed it to me. “Thank you,” I said with more conviction than can be displayed through type. Before going, he asked, “Are you good?” “Yeah, I think so… thanks so much.” Then I walked to my car, dumped my armload of food, and returned for my second can of pumpkin, lying on the pavement.

Now I am sitting at home, watching The Incredibles, with fresh pumpkin chocolate muffins in the kitchen, and candy corn on the side table, and reassuring myself that, yes, chivalry is scarce in today’s society, but, no, it is not extinct.