No Promises, Guys

24 Feb

This isn’t a real post.

This is me getting on here at 12:30 a.m. to tell you that I’m sorry I haven’t been on here in a long time.

This is me not promising to do any blogging in the immediate future.

This is me letting you know that I am not dead, and that I will blog again one day!

Thank you…………… Belle

“I don’t care.”

3 Feb

Let’s talk about the Superbowl. I go to a friend’s house to watch this event every year with no expectations whatsoever. In fact, I often don’t even know which teams are playing. However, I continue to take on this method each year, because it works very well for me. The past couple of years, I arrived at the scene of the action, and picked whichever team all of my friends were rooting for. Both times, that team won (I think…). This year, though, things went a little bit differently. You see, I flew out to Maui on the day that the Seahawks qualified for the Superbowl. In fact, I was on a plane out of Seattle during the game, so the captain was giving a play-by-play to all of us passengers throughout the game. Therefore, I really felt a special connection to this team. So problem solved! Now I can just have my own opinions! Right? Wrong.

From the Wednesday before the big game to the day of, I was constantly at battle with myself and one of my friends. You see, this friend’s hometown happens to be Denver, so her and her entire family, along with, as it seems, the majority of my youth group, were going Broncos. She had even managed to get people to the dark side who’s entire families were pro-Seahawk. UGH! Annoying.

does this count as annoying gif

(DISCLAIMER: This friend I speak of is fabulous. Only I am allowed to speak of her this way. Read her blog. Seriously though, I love you, my dear!!!)

I then chose that I would put on a facade of “I don’t care” to avoid the flack that I would get otherwise, while still inwardly cheering for the Seahawks.

[SIDE NOTE] On Saturday I was talking to some other friends about the Superbowl, and one of them said that if someone asks you who you’re rooting for, you should just throw out a team from a different sport. Another friend proceeded to demonstrate, “Seattle Mariners!” he said, then, “Tiger Woods!!!” This brought me great joy.

Anywho, on game day, I dressed in a color-neutral outfit, and arrived at my friend’s home with my speech prepared:

The moment I entered the room, I was bombarded with a hoard of people all asking the same question: “Seahawks or Broncos???” However, I held my neutral ground and gave my simple answer… over… and over… and over… and… stinking… over. “I. Don’t. Care.” So I went through the entire game, watching to Seahawks POUND the Broncos, not uttering a single sound other than “I don’t care.” The only time I didn’t use my rehearsed response was once, when someone said something about enjoying watching football. I said, “It’s alright… but I prefer watching golf.” The only responses I received were those of, “Why?? Golf is boring!”, “*judging you*”, and “*silence*”.

angry gif

I decided that my best course of action would be to turn around and crawl back into my shell of “I don’t care.”

So I have chosen that this is a method that works well for me in various sports, to just not care, or to take a deep breath and keep silent about my opinions, unless I’m around those who share in my biases. I decided this is a good outlook.

Just kidding. I don’t keep silent about very many things. But you know what? I don’t care.


The Morning Report (January)

29 Jan

This is Gracie, checking in with the morning report! I plan to make this the first installment of a series of “report card” posts towards the end of each month. Just to let y’all know what’s happenin’.


Spending time in The Word- I am by no means reading my Bible or having my quiet time daily, but I am doing it on a far more regular basis than I ever have, and, believe it or not, I am seeing actual results! So this one is going great so far.

Exercising- I started out so well… I did it every other day, it was GREAT. And… now not so much. I’ll work on it.

Eating right- I’m eating better than I have in a while and really keeping track of what I’m eating. I think if I get back on top of my exercise I’ll start seeing results here too.

Keeping bedroom tidy- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahaha…heh…heh…hrm.

Reading- YES! I finished both The Marquis Secret and The Bad Beginning (the latter in a day and a half) and I am now reading Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. I am really loving this resolution! For the first time, I am enjoying delving into some really good literature and have plenty of good books on my list. I am very motivated to keep doing well on this one. On a side note, I LOVED both of the books that I finished this month! I would read both of them again for sure. You should read them.

Netflix- This is, by far, my most successful resolution. The only TV I’ve been watching is Downton Abbey with my mother and sister (we’re all addicted and are currently getting caught up to the current season [more on this later]) and Sherlock… which obviously didn’t go on for very long…


Controlling time on the internet/phone- Internet: better. Phone: Just fine and dandy.

Giving God first place in my life/loving like Jesus- I have definitely grown to understand more what it means to give God everything, and how much trust that takes. I’ve gotten better at it, and simultaneously worse. It’s getting easier, and it is definitely changing me. Overall, going pretty well.



Drinking- LEMON WATER!!! I’ve heard it’s good for you. I’ve yet to actually look up why. I like the way it tastes. I feel like I’m doing something good for myself when I drink it. I drink it out of a mason jar with a bendy straw because it makes me feel good about myself.


Downton Abbey.

This was the first show that my mother got successfully addicted to, on Season 3. I caught on at Episode 2 of Season 3 and we’ve been watching ever since. Now we are getting all the past seasons from Netflix so we can get caught up, and simultaneously watching current episodes to stay caught up… it’s a process. I have to say this is officially my current favorite show. And (SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT) it is very refreshing to see Matthew and Sybil again.

Once Upon a Time.

Show #2 that my mother has gotten hooked on, and show #1 that she has legitimately whined over when my sister and I threatened to watch a movie instead of this lovely piece of fairytale magic. We finished all the episodes on Netflix, and are trying to find season three on the internet so we can get caught up on this one as well.

Doctor Who: Season 7.

I’ve finally moved on from my emotionally scarring experience with The Angels Take Manhattan and when we have a free evening (which is rare) my sister and I will watch a Clara episode. We only have a few more and then I’ll be completely caught up and ready (slash not ready at all) for Peter Capaldi to make his smashing entrance.



To Hawaii!!! We just got back from a lovely excursion to the lovely island of Maui, and I have to say I am pretty darn proud of my tan (: It was my first time to Hawaii and it was so nice staying right on the beach and getting a week of escape from the cold (SO COLD) here in my lovely hometown.


So… that’s all I suppose. Sorry for the very scattered and probably very boring update here… I promise I will some more exciting posts in the near future.

Au Revoir……………. Gracie



On Mourning Fictional Characters

12 Jan

On Friday night, I watched “The Angels Take Manhattan.” For those of you who haven’t seen it… Leave. Leave now and don’t come back until you’ve seen it. If you stay, I sincerely hope you are planning on getting this entire episode spoiled for you, or not planning on watching it at all. Now. Let’s get down to business [I know you're inserting that whole "defeat the Huns" bit here on your own... you don't need my help].

For those of you who have seen it, you know my pain. You understand me. Let’s cry together.

I had so much emotional turmoil with this episode. Amy and Rory are, by far, my favorite companions, so I knew this would be difficult… I just didn’t how difficult. What I didn’t know was exactly how ashamed I would be of my behavior after watching it.

I was okay. I was going to be okay. I had it under control. They jumped off the building, the tears welled up.

They lived. I was okay. Rory died. He’s going to come back to life [again] right? RIGHT?! Not okay. Not okay. Not okay.


I was holding it back… trying so hard to hold it back…

The tears came. So fast they came. And… the afterward, readers… that was when I let go of all fear of humiliation and I started bawling. Now, I’m not talking silent, shaking, sobs, I’m talking, I think you could hear me in China. And you could hear me for a good 15 minutes. Once again, my dear sister saved the day. I collapsed on her, and she let me cry. So. Many. Tears. And then, like the idiot fangirl I am, I started thinking about Matt Smith. That didn’t help.

Still, I thought I would wake up with a fresh outlook on life, I would start watching some Clara episodes and I would move on. I was wrong. I woke up with a fresh tear in my eye, and a weight on my heart. I’m pretty darn sure my heart was breaking. I had an extraordinarily depressing day.

Now, readers, I am still mourning and grieving for my dear Amy and Rory Williams; The Ponds… but I am happily grieving. I miss them, but I know I can always go back and see them again, they’ll always be there.

So thank you Ponds. Thank you for showing me that true love is real.

Thank you Rory, for reminding me that there are real men out there. Men who will wait 2,000 years just to keep me safe.

Thank you, Amy for showing me that protecting the man I love is the most important thing in the world.




And thank you, Ponds, for showing me that true love really is something worth waiting for.


All my love to you, Amy and Rory. You will live in my heart always.




The Triumphant Return!!!

9 Jan

So I’ve been gone for a while. Sorry. The weeks surrounding Christmas shaped up to be the busiest weeks of my life. Literally. But I’m back now! 8D

So… good? Good.


Love Me Some Resolutions!

9 Jan

Well, would you look at that? It’s 2014 now! Long since time for resolutions and updates and all that jazz. So here I am, late with my New Year’s update post. Here goes:

Firstly: Resolutions. I’ve never done “official” New Year’s Resolutions before, but this year, I really felt like I wanted a good start on the new year, so I made a lovely little list of my goals for the new year.

1- Spend time in God’s word every day.


At first, for this resolution, I wanted to just say “spend time in God’s word regularly,” but, knowing myself, I knew that if I set my goals higher, I would have better ultimate results. So far, I have done my “quiet time” on the 1st, the 3rd, and today, the 9th. This may seem like a shabby amount, but for me, who’s starting point was nothing this has been a step in the right direction. I have been doing Jim Stephen’s Gracenotes Devotionals and I love them to death.

2- Exercise regularly (3x/week or every other day).


This has gone better than I ever expected it to! Now, I know that everyone makes this resolution every year, and really, I have been trying to do this for months, but putting it into a resolution really did give me that extra push I needed. I’ve been exercising reliably every other day, either at our local Athletic Club or on our back patio, jump roping (10 minutes of jump roping is equivalent of 30 minutes of running!). I am really with how this resolution is shaping up.

3- Stop snacking/control eating habits.


I chose this one mainly for the same reasons I chose my previous one: to shed the few pounds that I put on in 2013, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been thinking lately about how soon I will be leaving home for college, etc, and how hard it is to stay fit when you’re on your own. This has been going pretty well, and I have set up a limit of what I’m “allowed” to eat every day.

4- Give God total control of my life.

This is something that God has really put on my heart recently, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that if I let God handle everything, everything just turns out better all-around. This has been going really well so far.

5- Keep my room tidy.


Notice, I didn’t say “spotless,” I said “tidy.” Meaning I would like it to stay livable. What is pictured above is an extraordinary improvement from what was erupting in that area previously.

6- READ!


I have a confession to make: I have never been a very big reader… but the thing is, I want to be a reader, so this year my goal is to read ten books. A small goal, but achievable. The book on the right pictured above, “The Marquis’ Secret” by George MacDonald is the book I’m reading currently. It’s the sequel to “The Fisherman’s Lady.” The other book is “The Bad Beginning,” book the first in A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. I’ve been wanting to read this series for a considerable amount of time, and I just picked up this one at Barnes and Noble yesterday… I’m SUPER excited about it.

7- Watch Netflix in moderation.


Now, the part of this resolution that you and I should be focusing on is not the “watch Netflix” part, but the “in moderation” part. You see, as a fangirl, I am a part of fandoms, many of which involve the teli. So I have decided that this year, I am going to, not completely stop watching Netflix (and other television), but rather watch it, as I said, “in moderation.” I’ve only watched a couple of shows just to pass the time this year, so this one is going splendiferously!

8- Get over my internet addiction.


I am very much addicted to the internet. As I have come to terms with this fact, I have decided to change it. This resolution has not gone as well as I hoped, but I have a whole year to get on track, so we will not give up!

9- Control my time on my phone.


I got a phone for Christmas (YAY!) so I just want to make sure it does not become an extension of me. I’ll let you know at the end of the month how this shapes up.

10- Be a better daughter, sister, friend, ie: Love like Jesus.

I mentioned in this post about the 1st Corinthians 13 Challinge. If there’s one thing that made as much of a difference in my life as giving God control of it, it was taking this challenge to heart and really trying to learn how to love like Jesus. I am trying my very best to put this in the forefront of everything.


There you have it: 10 resolutions to be kept throughout 2014! I will be starting to do a monthly “Report Card/Update” post to keep y’all up to date on how this thang is going (:

Best of luck on all of your resolutions!


–Belle <3

How I Survived November

12 Dec

It’s December, everyone… do you know what this means?

Well… it means a lot of things… but one of the things it means is that we survived November!!! :D *cyber five*

doctor who mine sherlock supernatural victory screech

I’ve come to you today (yes, late, I suppose… but still…) to give you an update on my November.

Over the month, I saw Ender’s Game,

Thor: The Dark World,

Thor: The Dark World (2013) Poster

Day of the Doctor,

Poster Day-of-the-Doctor.jpg

Catching Fire,












and Frozen.

And I’m going to see The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug on Sunday night (more on that afterwards…). I am now much lower on Christmas funds than I was previously… but IT WAS WORTH IT!!!

What was my favorite, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. Before I delve into this pit of biases and fandom wars, I would like to say that EVERY ONE of these movies was COMPLETELY worth my time. I adored them. All of them. So much. Having said that, here they are, listed in the order of my preference:

3- Thor: The Dark World/Ender’s Game (DON’T MAKE ME DECIDE)

2- Day of the Doctor/Catching Fire (PLEASE DON’T)

1-Frozen (don’t hurt me…)

So, like I said, I LOVED all of these, but I have to say Frozen edged the others out by just the tiniest bit of Disney magic. Now, here are my favorite things about each one (in order of appearance again):

Ender’s Game: I loved the acting in this. Asa Butterfield is one of my all-time favorite actors, and his performance in this film was wonderful, as was everybody’s. Also, the plot wasn’t lacking in anything. I was never bored.

Thor: Loki. That’s all. If you’ve seen it you will understand.

Day of the Doctor: Oh, y’know, just three doctors in one show, so much amazing… no big. All of it was just straight-up fabulous.

Catching Fire: Plot development and Jennifer Lawrence, and (as my dear friend, Wendy called them) the “Trifecta of Beautiful Men.” And the ending. OHHHH THE ENDING. Such perfection. Miss Lawrence, I salute you.

Frozen: THE MUSIC. I loved everything about this… it was all so Disney magical, like I said, but the music just made it all perfect. And Olaf… he was just always there at just the right time, wasn’t he? *SIGH*


That’s all I have to say. Excuse me now, while I let my emotions take a respite… at least until Sunday (:

– Princess Belle

Post Script: I killed a spider today… I’m pretty proud.








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